Investments with Anibal Wadih, founder of GEF Capital

Learning About Investments and Relationships with Anibal Wadih Today at N5 CIZ meet Anibal Wadih, founder of GEF Capital. Discover his life from his humble beginnings as the son of Syrian expatriates to his experience...

Biga Data – Concept

Did you know that more than 500 terabytes of new data is inserted into Facebook databases every day? These data are mostly photos, videos, exchanges of messages and comments. Janete Ribeiro answers this and other questions in this episode of Big Data.

Fran Muñoz: learning and transformation into CEO of Fintech

Learning to Get the Best Out of Every Experience with Fran Muñoz Today at N5 CIZ we will have the opportunity to learn about the enriching life of Fran Muñoz, from his beginnings in the...

Meet Roberth Dudiver

Introducing Roberth, Back-end Developer Ssr from the N5 team, who tells us a bit about his life at N5

5 claves del Open Banking en el Mundo

Conoce las etapas del desarrollo, factores y variables de la implementación del Open Banking en el mundo.

Microservices and acceleration in digital transformation

Microservices - How they change a company Adaptability - the ability to change quickly and easily - has become a primary goal for modern businesses and has put pressure on technology teams to build platforms...

Discover the role of a CEO with Pio Rosell

Learn about the perspectives on the role of a CEO with Pio Rosell, executive director of Diners Club Peru and his transition from engineering to marketing

Principle of Abstraction in APIs benefits service providers

How the API Abstraction principle benefits service providers When the endpoint of an API is architecturally the point where the application consuming API is essentially decoupled from the consumed service, it provides the API provider...