N5 and Unibanca sign agreement

Descubre los cambios potenciales que la unión entre N5 y Unibanca traerá a la industria financiera peruana. Juntas, ambas empresas se dirigen a transformar el sector de manera simple, rápida y preparando las organizaciones para enfrentar los desafíos complejos de este mercado.

Basa’s agreement with N5 Now will allow a better experience for its customers

Banco Basa is entering a new stage of management, which aims to put the client at the center. For this important change, the organization sought advanced technological solutions offered by N5, a software company specialized in the financial industry.

What opportunities does Artificial Intelligence offer to the financial industry?

The application of this technology has the potential to deliver quality, cost-effectiveness, and speed, as long as it focuses on addressing real customer problems and not adopting solutions themselves. Julián Colombo* Generative AI is transforming analytics and decision-making...

Musk Gets on the Omnibus Law for His Cars to Arrive in Argentina: The Role of Artificial Intelligence

With the growing use of Artificial Intelligence, discussions are being raised about its regulation, with the aim of guaranteeing the safety of its use for the benefit of society. In the Latin American region, some countries are already moving forward with this agenda, but there is still some way to go.

Basa and N5 Now will offer a better experience to their customers

Discover how Basa bank and N5 come together to offer an exceptional experience to Paraguayans. With the implementation of the N5 Now platform, this alliance promises a more efficient and powerful connection, accelerating growth and adding value. Find out more about this exciting collaboration that redefines the financial experience in Paraguay!

N5 Decreases Banking Software Complexity as It Grows in the Americas

La empresa simplifica el software bancario, eliminando los desafíos que generan sus sistemas heredados a la hora de innovar. Especialista en el sector financiero, N5 es la única compañía en el mundo que ofrece una solución simple y exclusiva para un sector tan crucial.

Interview by Forbes: N5 powers the financial industry through artificial intelligence

N5 seeks to enhance the financial sector with the effective use of artificial intelligence, helping financial institutions sell 150% more. Its technological solutions simplify one of the main challenges organizations face with their legacy systems and integrate everything necessary to operate efficiently.

Banking technology: trends and challenges for the financial sector in the coming years

Exploring trends, news, innovations and technological tools is an essential practice in all business sectors. However, in the dynamic financial market, where competition intensifies with the growth of digital banks and fintech, this attention...

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