The financial sector needs to know how to use AI strategically to generate an unprecedented transformation

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the financial sector presents vast potential and unlocks various opportunities, as long as it is aimed at solving specific issues, and not only adopted in isolation. Not in vain, Gartner research indicates interest in the adoption of this technology, with 92% of organizations planning to implement AI until 2026.

What trends will mark the year of the financial industry in 2024

Among the main trends that financial sector executives should pay attention to are Hyper-personalization of products, AI for fraud prevention, and the growth of digital payments.

N5 and Unibanca sign agreement

Descubre los cambios potenciales que la unión entre N5 y Unibanca traerá a la industria financiera peruana. Juntas, ambas empresas se dirigen a transformar el sector de manera simple, rápida y preparando las organizaciones para enfrentar los desafíos complejos de este mercado.

The Future of AI and Its Regulation; Are You Ready for This Revolution?

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Unlock the Potential of the Insurance Future: Explore Trends, Technologies and Opportunities with AI!

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5 Innovative Ways to Enhance Customer Service Standards with AI in CRM 

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Basa’s agreement with N5 Now will allow a better experience for its customers

Banco Basa is entering a new stage of management, which aims to put the client at the center. For this important change, the organization sought advanced technological solutions offered by N5, a software company specialized in the financial industry.

AI and the Future of the Banking Sector: Challenges and Opportunities You Need to Know

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