Artificial Intelligence in Finance: Balance between Innovation and Responsibility”

Discover how artificial intelligence is transforming the financial sector, balancing innovation with ethical responsibility. This article delves into the benefits and ethical challenges of implementing AI in finance, offering insight into how to navigate these changes responsibly. Perfect for finance and technology professionals looking to integrate AI without compromising ethical values

He left behind 20 years in banking to found his own company and expects to have a turnover of US$ 56 million in 2024

Discover how the journey of transformation and innovation of N5, a multinational technology company for the financial sector, led the company to be remade by Forbes as a promising company, which will become a unicorn in two years.

Learn about the 5 reasons that make N5 a unicorn promise

Explore why N5 stands out as a true unicorn promise on the global financial landscape. From its innovative Systematics Platform to backing from renowned investors, leadership in AI innovation, a broad customer base and a pioneering remote work model, discover how N5 is exceptionally shaping the future of the industry.

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Financial Institutions Will Explode with Generative Artificial Intelligence

This tool provides operational efficiency and improves the customer experience and will drive disruptive innovation, said Martín Naranjo. "Technology generates a process of disintermediation in the financial system and today, although it sounds cliché, generative...

N5 Comes Out With $20 Million To Buy Companies

On the global board of financial technology, a strategic move is announced from Mexico: N5, a firm specialized in the financial industry, revealed that this year it will invest 20 million dollars aimed at...