From Product Consultant to N5 Partner


Conoce la trayectoria de Claudia Bello

Claudia Bello started at N5, before the company was even a year old, as a consultant, contributing her talent to specific projects.

As the company grew at a rapid pace, the need arose to create an internal position to meet these demands. Instead of looking for a new professional, the company chose to give Claudia, who had demonstrated great performance and dedication, the opportunity to grow.

In August 2018, Claudia accepted this new challenge and assumed the position of Product Owner in the company.

In this role, she played a crucial role in product definition, road map development, backlog and user stories. Her ability and commitment to identify opportunities and new functionalities, considering innovation and benchmarking as premises, did not go unnoticed, in addition to her dedication.

After two years, in October 2022, Claudia took another big step in her career, reaching new levels by becoming Product Director of N5. She went on to coordinate all teams involved in the product, from conception to launch.

She defined business solutions with N5 suite products and ensured their integrity, continuously monitoring performance and usability.

Claudia remembers that it all started with a call to join N5 and now, 5 years later, she is filled with pride and fulfillment by reaching the position of CPO and also Partner of N5. For her, the company motivates and challenges her every day, and the only way to do spectacular work is to love what you do.

Her journey is inspiring and reflects the commitment, skill and passion that are the foundation of the N5 culture. We are looking forward to the future and reaching new horizons with Claudia.

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