Learning N5 minutes

Adopt a CRM, it’s easier than it seems

We share some data on the adaptation and implementation times of CRM systems in organizations.

The technological solution that revolutionizes customer service in Latin American banking

N5 Now offers an innovative solution with its N5 Flows platform.

Why should you consider implementing a Data Lake in your financial company?

The Data Lake enables better data governance as all data is centralized in one place and can be managed more efficiently

The growth of Invisible Banking

We look at how digital banking will be integrated into daily activities with the help of artificial intelligence, voice interfaces, and other emerging technologies.

CRM to the rescue

We analyze some data on the main benefits of using CRM systems and the most common demands by customers, to explain its growth in the market in recent years.

Chat GPT: Quantity and Quality

We analyze how ChatGPT increases the productivity of business professionals and improves the quality of work, optimizing the time spent by professionals writing commercial documents of various kinds.

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence

We show you a timeline that summarizes the evolution of AI in the fintech industry of Latam and the Caribbean

7 keys to a successful video call

With the rise of remote work, video calls have become an indispensable tool for staying connected and collaborating with colleagues and clients, but sometimes they can be a hindrance rather than a plus.

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