Del Hub Tecnológico en Argentina a Socio de N5: Conoce la Trayectoria de Nicolás Tiseira


Nicolás Tiseira, affectionately known as Nico, joined N5’s technology hub in Argentina in January 2021, bringing with him an unparalleled passion for technology. His journey in the company was marked by remarkable performance and significant growth. In a short period, Nico established himself as a key figure in the technology team, the epicenter of N5’s operations. In recognition of his achievements, in December 2021, he was promoted to Director of Engineering, a position that not only reflects his technical ability and wisdom but also his effective leadership.

Nico’s proactivity and creativity, combined with his consistent deliveries, made him increasingly recognized within the company. His exceptional ability not only drove his own success but also significantly contributed to the collective success of the organization.

He brings his insightful perspective and expertise to the company’s internal technology, ensuring the continuous adoption of cutting-edge technologies. His tireless dedication has become a hallmark of his journey at N5. In November 2023, he reached another impressive milestone by being appointed as CIO and Partner of the company. His meteoric rise not only bears witness to his dedication but also highlights the culture of support and professional growth that N5 fosters.

Nico mentions that the last two years were filled with challenges, from which he gleaned valuable lessons crucial to his professional growth. For him, this new stage in the company represents not just a challenge but a unique opportunity to contribute his experience and passion to N5’s continued growth and success.

N5 takes pride in exemplary contributors like Nico, who not only seek personal development but also actively contribute to the team’s excellence. We look forward to witnessing how Nico will continue to shine and lead the way towards future innovations alongside us. His story is an inspiring testimony to the culture of excellence propelling N5 into the future.

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