CEOs in Zoom

Marcos Piccardo: athlete, adventurer and CEO

A Life Full of Adventures and Lessons with Marcos Piccardo Today at N5 CIZ, Julian Colombo talks with Marcos Piccardo, former CEO of dLocal, one of the most important Fintech companies in Latin America. Established...

Role of Women as CEO in technology

Learn about the experiences that formed María Laura Palacios, current CEO of G&L Group and her vision on the role of women in the technology industry

Investments with Anibal Wadih, founder of GEF Capital

Learning About Investments and Relationships with Anibal Wadih Today at N5 CIZ meet Anibal Wadih, founder of GEF Capital. Discover his life from his humble beginnings as the son of Syrian expatriates to his experience...

Fran Muñoz: learning and transformation into CEO of Fintech

Learning to Get the Best Out of Every Experience with Fran Muñoz Today at N5 CIZ we will have the opportunity to learn about the enriching life of Fran Muñoz, from his beginnings in the...

Discover the role of a CEO with Pio Rosell

Learn about the perspectives on the role of a CEO with Pio Rosell, executive director of Diners Club Peru and his transition from engineering to marketing

New Challenges for CEOs with Mariano Llorente

Discover the new challenges for CEOs and what is the secret to success in the business world, according to the founder of Club CEO Spain.

Paulo Silva, CEO of Franq Openbank, Brazil

Don't miss this new edition of CEOs In Zoom. This time, our CEO has a very funny and entertaining conversation with Paulo Silva, CEO of Franq Openbank Brasil. Join us to live this experience!

Getting to know… Fernando Lopez Iervasi, CEO of Microsoft Argentina

The person behind the CEO: Julián Colombo and Fernando Lopez Iervasi will talk about their experiences, anecdotes and experiences. Join us in this experience!

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