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From Operations Manager to Partner at N5: Get to Know Maria Bellati’s Journey

In December 2018, María Bellati joined N5 as Operations Manager, taking on the crucial responsibility for the entire company's operation. Her main task in the first year was focusing on opening the company's first...

From external HR consultant to N5 Partner: Learn about Maria Luz Pochettino’s career 

Maria Luz Pochettino, affectionately known as Luli by the entire team, began her journey at N5 in October 2019, contributing her experience as an external Human Resources consultant. Initially, her services covered various aspects...

From “zero employee” to N5 partner: Learn about Pablo Velan’s career

Pablo Velan received the invitation to join N5 when the company was barely a month and a half old. He is known as "employee number zero" due to his involvement in the conception of...

Meet a Gonzalo Fasce

Gonzalo tells us what his work is like at N5! What are the challenges you face every day and how is your team made up?

Interview with Tomás Monge, QA Ssr.

Meet our team! Tomas Monge, QA Ssr. in N5 he tells us about his experience in the company, how he came to the company and details about his day to day

Interviewing Diego San Esteban, Business Development Director

Get to know our team! Diego San Esteban, Business Development Director at N5 shares his experiences in the company, context insight and even some advice for those starting off their careers!

Meet Facundo Posse

Knowing our team. We present Facundo, Full Stack Ssr. Developer, of N5, who tells us a little about his life at N5

Meet Nicolás Tiseira

Knowing our team. We present Nicolás Tiseira, Leader of the Argentina Technology Hub, of the N5 team, who tells us a little about his life at N5

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