Cryptocurrency Podcast

Interview with Julián Colombo, CEO of N5 in the Business Plan program (Radio Eco Medios)

Podcast Banks & Fintechs S2 Ep.2 – Marcelo Pessoa

Special chat with Ricardo Raposo, Data & Analytics Director at B3 Ricardo Raposo is without a doubt one of the most incredible Data and Analytics professionals in the Brazilian financial market. This chat is a must

Podcast Banks & Fintechs S1 Ep.13 – Marcelo Pessoa

We spoke with Rodrigo Cury, Head of BTG+ Rodrigo Cury currently leads BTG+, one of the most promising digital banks on the market.

Podcast Banks & FIntechs S1 Ep.14 – Marcelo Pessoa

We talked with Maurício Santos, Executive Director of Claro Pay Maurício tells us about the Claro Pay strategy to become one of the two largest Digital Banks of Brazil. Unmissable episode!

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