From Operations Manager to Partner at N5: Get to Know Maria Bellati’s Journey


In December 2018, María Bellati joined N5 as Operations Manager, taking on the crucial responsibility for the entire company’s operation. Her main task in the first year was focusing on opening the company’s first office in Argentina. During this same period, the N5 team grew exponentially, leading to the need for María to quickly oversee the opening of the second office.

With a comprehensive vision and strategic skills, María played a vital role that involved identifying the objectives of each area, defining N5’s strategy, and ensuring everything was perfectly aligned.

In January 2021, María expanded her scope by also taking on Marketing management. Her multifaceted role continued to evolve, and in September 2022, she assumed even more responsibilities by adding administration to her scope. María not only accepted challenges but embraced them with humility, always seeking to learn and grow, even when faced with unknown territories, especially without prior experience in operations or the fintech industry before joining N5.

María remembers the pivotal moment before joining N5. She was working in a young professionals program at a large company, where she worked in three different countries: Ireland, Brazil, and Argentina, navigating different financial areas such as commercial finance, financial planning and analysis, and supply chain finance. She was gearing up for another step in her career when Julián Colombo contacted her to share N5’s ambitious plans and objectives and invited her to be part of the team. The opportunity to be involved from the outset in an exciting project, with enormous growth potential, immediately piqued her interest, leading her to adjust her plans and embark on a new journey by joining N5.

María’s trajectory is marked by her determination, refusing to settle in her career, always seeking ways to further contribute to the company’s success. Her humility to learn propelled her past significant challenges. Her inspiring story is a testimony to commitment, resilience, and the N5 culture, which values and encourages its employees to reach new horizons.

After years of facing every challenge head-on, expanding her scope, overseeing diverse areas, and about to complete 5 years in the company, María has achieved a new milestone in her career by being appointed as COO and partner at N5. This is the beginning of another story that both María and we at N5 are eager to write together, towards new achievements.”

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