Heading to Financial Tomorrow: 5 Irresistible Trends with AI and Integrated Finance

In the dynamic landscape of the financial sector, the revolution driven primarily by technology continues to shape the future in extraordinary ways. The innovations witnessed in recent years are just the tip of the iceberg, and the panorama promises even more transformations in the years ahead.

The Best Kept Secret of Openfinance in Latin America: Revolution or Stagnation

Europe and the United Kingdom were the pioneers in the Open Banking movement, subsequently expanding to different parts of the world thanks to regulatory changes, technological advances, new business models and consumer trends. The concept...

Julius Caesar, the Nile River and Coase’s Nobel Prize: What happened in the last decade and what will happen in the next in the...

At the beginning of December, Julian Colombo participated in the event organized by APEF "Economic Outlook 2024". During his presentation, Julian addressed what has happened in the financial industry in the last 10 years and what will happen in the next 10 years.

Digital Legacy or Jurassic Tech? How to Tame Technological Dinosaurs Without Becoming a Fossil

Resolving the Complexity of Legacy Systems: A Decisive Step to Maintain Competitive Advantage in the Coming Years

Prioritizing Cybersecurity in Business: A Guide for “Cyber-Resilient CEOs

Cybersecurity isn't just crucial; it's an essential priority for business success. Besides keeping business operations running smoothly and optimizing performance, it establishes secure relationships with customers and suppliers. CEOs who neglect cybersecurity expose their...

Data Storytelling: ability to tell stories with data for better decision making

Understand the importance of telling stories in the context of data presentation and how to do it better.

Unlock the ultimate Sales Hack: Supercharge your conversion with this quick follow-up guide 

A short guide to do better Sales Follow up to increase your conversion

How ChatGPT is changing the rules of the game in the financial industry

La inteligencia artificial (IA) está transformando rápidamente la forma en que se realizan las operaciones en el sector financiero.

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