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The growing interest in artificial intelligence has prompted Peruvian companies to adopt this technology quickly, while employees request training to make the most of its benefits.

There is no doubt, Artificial Intelligence in two years will be one more instrument that Peruvian companies will have within their teams and it is that 51% of these companies implement AI solutions in less than 6 months, exceeding the global average of 48%, according to a Microsoft study.

And it should not be strange for an organization to seek to enjoy the advantages that these systems offer such as automating repetitive processes, reducing operational costs and becoming a virtual assistant that can analyze large amounts of information. But how can talents benefit as well, if these tools are unknown to them?

“While 70% of companies indicated that they will increase their budget in the next two years, there are 55% that were concerned about the lack of skills to work with AI. Although there is a lot of talk about everything that AI will replace, at N5 we believe and are working on the differential that the combination of AI with human talent will generate. This puts on the agenda the need to look for training programs that can meet and be aligned with the new challenges since they are imminent and for sure, no one will want to be left out,” reflected María Luz Pochettino, CHRO and Partner of N5.

The specialist assured that courses or manuals can be generated using Generative AI as an ally. For her, the first thing is to understand the level of knowledge that the collaborators have “from there we can ask this tool, from sharing playful ideas, to the editing of educational videos, among other tasks,” she explained.

As a result, we would obtain personalized courses based on the knowledge of each one and we could even use specific examples from the company to facilitate learning. “We would have AI-generated teachers, who could understand what kind of knowledge the talent has to propose a syllabus according to their area and daily work. Thus, incorporating the systems will be much easier,” he added.

But, just as there is a positive point, there is also another side of the coin, which many companies are not considering. According to Pochettino, improvements in these types of systems are happening faster and faster, so keeping up with that pace may become overwhelming for organizations, but they should not get carried away by the maelstrom.

In this scenario, the director stated that where the challenge lies is also where the fastest solution can be found. “There will come a time when with the updates will come virtual teachers who will explain the new functionalities in a dynamic and concise way.”

To close, the specialist suggests that companies are encouraged to incorporate, not only AI in their processes, but also consider the possibility of adding these teachers to the teams that will help their talents optimize their daily work, achieving a significant improvement in the company’s final results.

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