The technological solution that revolutionizes customer service in Latin American banking


The relationship with customers is one of the most important aspects in any company and we believe that in the financial industry it is a priority. Customers are looking not only for a good financial product, but also for a good experience throughout their lives, and for the bank to accompany them with tailor-made and personalized offers based on the different needs that arise. As the bank is an omnichannel industry, often the attention provided to the client varies depending on each executive, this leads to negative experiences, frustration and dissatisfaction on the part of the user.

In banks in Latin America and the Caribbean, this problem is especially relevant. Financial institutions have to deal with large numbers of customers, and many times the service becomes impersonal and ineffective. In addition, the lack of a standardized customer service system makes processes slow and inefficient.
The solution to this problem involves the implementation of technologies that allow us to standardize and at the same time personalize the relationship with our clients, better
I am also looking at efficiency in care processes. In this sense, N5 Now offers an innovative solution with its N5 Flows platform.

Through N5 Flows, it is possible to direct the attention of claims to the different call center executives and establish a period in which said case must be attended. In the event that the executive does not respond within the established period, he can be “punished” in meeting his objectives, with a consequent drop in his variable remuneration, which is displayed in My Results.

With this tool, the call center is no longer just a claim capture center to become a resolution center. N5 Flows allows not only to capture the customer’s order, but by having all the decision rules and transactional capabilities in a single place, the operator can resolve or refer to higher instances instantly.

In summary, the variability in the treatment provided to customers is a problem. However, this problem can be solved through innovative and disruptive solutions such as N5 Flows. Implementing a solution that makes it possible to standardize customer treatment and improve efficiency in service processes will not only improve the user experience, but will also allow financial institutions to be more efficient and competitive in the market.

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