From “zero employee” to N5 partner: Learn about Pablo Velan’s career


Pablo Velan received the invitation to join N5 when the company was barely a month and a half old. He is known as “employee number zero” due to his involvement in the conception of the N5 project even before its founding.

Joining the company in September 2017, Pablo performed almost all the technical roles necessary in a company: programmer, technical level, architect. In early 2019, he took on the role of “product technician”, a role developed internally to work on both product and technology. This allowed him to keep things under control, while N5 moved forward in building the platform and incorporating the modules that today make up the N5 Now suite.

With time and the growth of the company, in 2020, Pablo took on a new challenge and became the CTO of N5, a position that he continues to hold brilliantly to this day. During these years, he contributed to various strategic and innovative projects of the company, and his daily performance and dedication brought a new stage in his career: in addition to #CTO, Pablo Velan is now also a partner at N5.

In addition to professional achievements, Pablo highlights the personal satisfaction he obtained from meeting new people, discovering new places and immersing himself in different countries and cultures. He highlights the importance of having the space to build what he wants and highlights ideas as the catalyst for work, something extremely valuable, always in a fun environment.

Pablo also shares a memorable memory from when he started at N5: a message from Julián who asked, not about the job, what he was doing, but simply if he was happy. This reflects the company culture, where the commitment to fulfill what is promised, as well as personal satisfaction, is valued and recognized.

After all these years of learning, dedication, periods of intensity in demands, efforts and resignations, Pablo completes his transition to be, in addition to #CTO, a partner of N5. For him, when he enjoys what he does and feels like it has a purpose, that makes him happier.

This milestone marks the closing of a stage in his career and also the beginning of a new one, where commitments and responsibility in the direction of work remain intact, providing a solid foundation for the continued success of N5.

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