From external HR consultant to N5 Partner: Learn about Maria Luz Pochettino’s career 


Maria Luz Pochettino, affectionately known as Luli by the entire team, began her journey at N5 in October 2019, contributing her experience as an external Human Resources consultant. Initially, her services covered various aspects related to Human Resources, but her main focus was on recruiting new talent, a growing demand that reflected the urgent need to expand the capabilities of teams.

With the company’s rapid growth, Maria Luz’s consulting days were no longer enough to meet N5’s diverse needs. That’s when, in February 2020, Julian Colombo invited her to take on the role of full-time HR Director.

Shortly after her integration, the COVID-19 pandemic transformed the global landscape, affecting both the personal and professional lives of many people. Maria Luz, faced with this challenge, not only faced the difficult period of confinement, but also reinvented herself, seeking to perfect herself and playing a crucial role in N5, facing new policies, changes in teams, innovative strategies and containment plans.

For more than a year, Maria Luz demonstrated brilliance by building and managing the Human Resources area alone. However, as N5 grew rapidly, she recognized the need to add new talent to form an HR team.

Maria Luz says that, upon joining N5, she had no experience in the company’s specific industry, this being her first contact with the universe of technology. Despite this unknown world and the fast pace characteristic of a startup, she dedicated herself with determination, developing with each challenge. Today, Maria Luz is proud of the growth achieved and the trajectory she continues to follow.

Each challenge, for Maria Luz, was an additional source of motivation. In recognition of her work, performance and dedication, she advances to a new stage in the company. In addition to CHRO, Maria Luz Pochettino now holds the title of N5 Partner, making official the feeling that, according to her, she has carried with her since her first day in the company. This is another story of growth, improvement and achievements that inspires all of us at N5.

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