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In August 2017, Julián Colombo founded N5 with the mission of transforming the financial sector. With only $100 and an innovative vision, the company was born in New York, achieving its first client in just 48 hours. Since then, instant customer trust has fueled the growth and expansion of its operations.

Financial organizations, unlike companies in other sectors, have very particular and complex characteristics, which makes their complete digital transformation difficult. N5 arises in response to this challenge, dedicating itself to allowing financial institutions to transform and accelerate their growth, eliminating the problem of “Technological Entropy”, which is the tendency for legacy systems to disorganize, simply by existing.

The N5 Now platform is the only one in the world designed specifically for the financial industry. With rapid implementation, it provides a 53% increase in business productivity, a significant improvement in NPS by more than 20 points, and a 16% reduction in distribution costs in just 100 days. The suite is a systematic platform with native integration of all necessary software such as CRM, BPM, Incentives and Omnichannel, removing the barrier to innovation by releasing the complexity of legacy systems.

Since its inception, N5 has achieved significant milestones, growing at rates of 200% each year and present in more than 15 countries. Currently, it has more than 300 collaborators and more than 55 clients.

In 2021, Microsoft recognized N5 as the “Startup of the Year” in Latin America and the Caribbean in the Business Excellence category, highlighting its innovation and implementation of solutions based on the latest technologies. The following year, it received another recognition when it was named the “Best Platform” of the year, also by Microsoft.

In September 2023, new strategic partners were added through an investment round that involved large market players such as Illuminate Financial, with LPs such as JP Morgan, Citi and S&P Global, among others, Exor Ventures, Madrone Capital Partners, LTS Investments and Arpex Capital. This support came to validate N5’s mission and drive the expansion of its operations with agility, meeting the demands of new markets.

N5’s journey continues with the objective of transforming the financial sector. The revolution has already begun!

Are you ready for the future? Join us on this mission!

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