Latin America Fintech Statistics

Latin America Fintech Statistics

N5 Benchmarking – Behavioural Design

N5 Benchmarking - Behavioural Design

N5 Benchmarking – UI/UX for banks

N5 Benchmarking – Openbanking

Latest regulations of the Central Bank of Brazil

BCB RESOLUTION No. 155, OF OCTOBER 14, 2021 Provides for principles and procedures to be adopted in the relationship with customers and users of products and services by consortium administrators and payment institutions authorized to...

N5 Benchmarking – Openbanking

N5 Benchmarking - Openbanking

Impact of Virtual Money: Transforming the Digital Economy

Explore how virtual money is redefining financial paradigms in our latest post. Discover the advantages, risks and future potential of digital currencies in the global economy. Ideal for financial professionals and enthusiasts seeking to understand the dynamics of virtual money and its impact on transactions and economic security."

Big Data – Source of dataos

Do you know or what was inside the cloud? In this episode, Janete Ribeiro talks about infrastructure, or that there are clusters and parallel processes. It also explains the concepts of hardware and software, which allow the storage and handling of large volumes of data!

How will the growth of the N5 Brasil unit be?

October 2020 The team asked our CEO a series of questions. In this installment, special edition for the Brazilian team!