Napoleon’s obsession with accuracy and detail was well known: he knew every part of the movements to be made to visualize the infinite possibilities of his movements. His results were impressive: he led the French army in over a hundred battles of which he only lost three.

Taken to the business world, constant preparation and in-depth knowledge of our movements and strategies will minimize any margin of error.

Knowledge and courage

The more you know what you are up against, the lower your level of ignorance will be and, naturally, the more courage and confidence you will have. The more time you spend thinking about how to get through a difficulty, the better able you will be to fight it when it comes.

Think of the possibilities

This military man carefully considered every possibility of defeat that he could find and then prepared against it. Not being prepared for unforeseen situations is a trait of weakness in a leader.

Confidence comes from the constructive use of pessimism, thinking about every single thing that can go wrong before it does.

Moral force

“Every move an individual makes responds to three unique reasons: honor, money or love,” said Bonaparte.

It is the same for companies: having a clear objective and knowing where you want to go, how to do it and under what principles it will be carried out, is essential to create strengthened companies.

Leaders must permeate their teams with the necessary moral strength to continue their day-to-day work. How? Motivating them, talking to them about their wins and losses and motivating them with compensation and benefits.


“The most difficult battle I have every day with myself,” he said. Character is essential for a leader to have the precision and motivation necessary for decision making.

Running a company with integrity, calm and responsibility are the fundamental principles of being a great businessman. Integrate all these qualities into your leadership and you will probably have good results.

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