Banking Revolution: Basa and N5 Forge Historic Partnership to Transform Customer Experience in Paraguay 


Discover how the collaboration between Basa and N5 is revolutionizing the banking sector in Paraguay with cutting-edge technology.

The signing of the partnership between Basa and N5 is a significant step in Paraguay’s banking industry, especially in improving customer experience through technology. This event, which took place yesterday (25) at Basa’s headquarters, marks a collaborative effort to implement the N5 Now platform in the bank.

N5, with its N5 Now systematics platform, offers advanced technology that integrates all banking channels into a single platform. This facilitates a more efficient and powerful connection with customers, which is crucial for growth and adding value. The platform operates as an integrated hub covering various key areas such as CRM, BPM, OCM, SPM, and a datalake called EDA.

Additionally, this tool provides specific capabilities to improve customer journey management, sales and service workflow, dashboards and reports, and integration with central banking systems and other legacy data. It also includes campaign management, decision management, and a mobile app for integration. 

The representatives from Basa at the signing were Mr. Gustavo García, IT Division Manager, and Mr. Germán Rojas, President of the entity. Representing N5, the signatory was Diego San Esteban as Consulting Specialist. 

This partnership reflects Basa’s commitment to quality and innovation in its services, using cutting-edge technology to enhance customer experience. 

N5, on the other hand, specializes in offering innovative solutions to the financial sector, helping institutions adapt to constant technological changes and combat “technological entropy,” which leads to the disorganization of legacy systems. The N5 Now suite, designed exclusively for the financial sector, unifies all touchpoints and prioritizes customer experience over product. 

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