N5 Now


N5 Now is a platform designed specifically for financial services companies, such as banks, insurers, credit card issuers, etc.

What the platform DOES​?

Our technology based on business intelligence and our implementation experience allow us to create an efficient, effective and powerful connection with customers, adding value and accelerating growth.

How does it do it?

Combining three fundamental tools:

The Agenda module

The Clients module

The 360° view

Our differential

Main technological characteristics

Tools for frontline agents

Next best action recommendation in real time.
Ex: What to sell? What service message to send? When to do it?

Back Office Tools

  • Customer journey management
  • Sales and service workflow
  • Dashboards and reports
  • campaign management
  • Decision management, eg: To drive the next best action
  • Universal integration with the core banking engine and other legacy systems and data
  • Mobile app for integrated onboarding across channels

Consumer and customer orientation

Mobile application for onboarding integrated into all ca

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