Boosting the Banking Customer Experience: The Revolution of Generative Artificial Intelligence


When chatbots are your worst enemies.Cuando los chatbots son tus peores enemigos. 

Hello everyone! I’m Diego San Esteban, and after more than three decades advising the financial industry, banks and insurance companies, I have a few things to say about chatbots. Those little digital assistants that promise to solve all our problems, but often leave us more frustrated than a cat in a bubble bath.

Traditional chatbots, based on predefined rules and static responses, are like those friends who always have the same answer: “Sorry, I can’t help you with that.” But what happens when you need more than a textbook answer? You’re left at a standstill, wondering why you’re talking to a machine instead of a real person who understands your problems.

And this is where generative artificial intelligence comes in, the digital superhero that is saving the day! Unlike traditional chatbots, generative artificial intelligence has the ability to understand and adapt to user needs in real time. Imagine a chatbot that not only understands what you say, but also how you feel. It’s like having a digital friend who really understands you, and doesn’t just respond with “sorry, I can’t help you with that.”

So what should chatbots powered by generative AI look like? First, they must be able to understand the context of the conversation and adapt on the fly. Do you have a question about your bank account? No problem! This chatbot is ready to help you, no matter how complicated the problem is. Furthermore, these chatbots should learn and improve over time, like a fine wine that improves with age. And of course, transparency and ethics are essential. Users must know that they are talking to a chatbot and not a human, and their data must be protected at all times.

Traditional chatbots can be like a broken umbrella on a rainy day: more problems than solutions. But generative artificial intelligence is changing the game, delivering chatbots that are smarter, more adaptable, and more personalized than ever before. If you’re ready to take your customer service to the next level and offer unique and personalized experiences, don’t hesitate to contact us! At N5, we are here to help you implement artificial intelligence solutions that drive the growth and success of your business in the financial industry. Together we can achieve great things!

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