N5 Boosts Operational Efficiencies in Peru’s Financial Institutions


Strategic alliance between N5 and Unibanca promises to revolutionize the Peruvian financial sector with innovation and technology, says Julián Colombo.

Recently, N5, in association with Unibanca, held an exclusive event in Peru to discuss the future of the financial sector. The MasFinanzas magazine news portal was present and took advantage of the moment to conduct an unprecedented interview with Julian Colombo, CEO and founder of N5, where they delved into more details of how the company is promoting operational efficiency in financial institutions.

In an interview with +Finanz@s, Julián Colombo, CEO & Founder of N5, offers his in-depth view of the recent alliance with Unibanca and the expected impact on the Peruvian market. Colombo shares details about interactions with various financial institutions in Peru, highlighting the responsiveness of its platform. In addition, it discusses the learnings obtained during the year of operations in Peru, and how N5’s technology stands out in the global market. He also shares future projects, including the key role of the alliance with Unibanca in the expansion and acceleration of the Peruvian market.

What expectations do you have about the recently reached alliance with Unibanca?

We are confident that the partnership with Unibanca, one of the most prominent and respected companies in the country, will open the doors to a wide spectrum of clients. We firmly believe that in less than two years we will position ourselves as leaders in the Peruvian market. We are already collaborating with two of the most prominent banks not only in Peru, but in all of Latin America, BCP and Interbank.

In these days you have had several meetings with financial institutions in Peru, you mentioned in your networks that it was a productive and fun week. Could you share some details about how those interactions played out and what was discussed during those meetings?

We had the opportunity to talk with various banks, savings banks, insurance companies and AFPs in the country. In most of these meetings, we listen to the specific needs of each organization. Some challenges are unique, while others are shared by multiple entities. We are happy to know that our platform solves many of these problems and contributes to the advancement of the financial sector in Peru. Many of the solutions we offer have been successfully tested in other parts of the world and we strongly believe in their potential to accelerate economic development in Peru.

N5 has been operating in Peru for almost a year. What lessons have you learned during this time and how has your services been received in the Peruvian market?

The reception has been extremely positive. Our first clients in Peru, BCP and Sura, arrived even before we established our presence in the country. This demonstrates the great interest of the Peruvian market in improving the quality of its financial services and adapting to a complex regulatory environment. During this time, we have observed a strong desire to provide better customer service, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and at the same time, drive growth for organizations.

"Nuestros primeros clientes en Perú, BCP y Sura, llegaron incluso antes de que estableciéramos nuestra presencia en el país"

You mentioned that N5 Now’s platform was voted the best in the world in 2022. Could you elaborate on the characteristics that made it stand out and how they benefit Peruvian financial institutions?

Our platform stood out for a number of reasons. First, we use a cutting-edge technology called Event Sourcing, which is uncommon in the financial industry. In addition, our product is designed exclusively for the financial sector, which guarantees a perfect adaptation to the needs of banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and AFPs. Finally, since our inception, we have been committed to artificial intelligence as an integral part of our platform, which allows us to offer advanced solutions adapted to the needs of the Peruvian market.

In a previous interview with us, you mentioned that they aspire to become the only provider that a bank or financial institution needs to operate efficiently and simply. How do you hope to achieve this goal in the context of the Peruvian market?

Our goal is to consolidate our position as the leading provider of technological solutions for the financial sector in Peru. We will achieve this through the satisfaction of our customers, who will find in our platform a comprehensive solution for their operational needs. With over 30 different modules, we offer a wide range of services that help reduce the complexity and costs associated with using multiple systems. We firmly believe that the Peruvian financial industry will increasingly seek comprehensive technological solutions and we are prepared to lead this change.

How do you see the financial innovation landscape in Peru and what do you think is N5’s role in this evolving ecosystem?

Peru is an example of financial innovation in the region, with a stable macroeconomic environment and a strong culture of innovation. We believe that N5 will play a pivotal role in this evolving ecosystem, bringing new ideas and proven technology solutions globally. We are committed to working closely with our Peruvian clients to drive innovation and improve the quality of financial services in the country.

Finally, what are the next steps for N5 in Peru and what projects or initiatives are you most excited to carry out in the near future?

We are excited about the future in Peru and have big plans to continue growing in the market. The alliance with Unibanca is just the first step in a long history of success in the country. We are committed to continue innovating and offering world-class technological solutions for the Peruvian financial sector.

Read the full article here: N5 impulsa la eficiencia operativa en las instituciones financieras de Perú | Más Finanz@s (masfinanzas.com.pe)

Descubre cómo N5 está revolucionando las instituciones financieras en Perú, elevando la eficiencia operativa e introduciendo soluciones innovadoras en el sector.

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