Pistacchio and the largest ball of wool in the world


Pistacchio was teaching Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos how to play Kerbal when Alfred, his private secretary, came in:

“Sir, your order has arrived. The largest ball of wool in the world ”

Pistacchio threw the keyboard to the floor, looked at his friends and said in an admonishing tone, “Sorry, but I have something urgent to attend to. See if you can compete here, so you have cash left to pay more than 3.27% income tax ”
He would have loved to continue pontificating in a stentorian voice and messianic stance on fiscal responsibility, as he always did when Elon and Jeff asked him for advice.

But the wait had seemed endless.

Playing with a ball of yarn was one of his favorite activities, just short of rock climbing and laughing at people who say “almóndiga”.

As he looked at the ball, he thought of a problem for the N5 Now candidates:


We know that this ball has the exact extension to surround the earth, which in this example is a perfect sphere of 40.075km in circumference.

We also know that it should be greater if instead of being perfectly adhered to the ground, the thread should “float” about 16 centimeters above the ground (around the entire earth, so that Pistacchio can pass under)

But how much greater approximately?

Extra note for those who answer the same question but also applied to the Sun and Mars.



  1. Pistacchio edgy = Like
  2. 1 meter
  3. 25,046.8 meters
  4. 641.2 km
  5. 6,412,000 meters
  6. Pistacchio must always change the door !!


Correcto: 2


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