Pistacchio speaks from jail


Pistacchio was in prison for a crime he didn’t commit (like those of Brigade A, but without that weird dubbing they did when they had to say Melinda’s last name).

Bored of waiting for a Chapo Guzmán-type movie rescue, he focused on organizing a more literary one.
He decided to fake his death.

For this he had an accomplice abroad who would send him some pills with the opposite effect.
The first (blue) would act almost instantly, paralyzing its members and reducing its metabolism to a minimum. Any observer would consider him dead.

The red, very slow acting, would revive it a few hours later.
The problem is that his accomplice was what is known in distinguished circles as a “thermos head” who, throwing the bottle out the window at him in the darkest of nights, yells at him “I put two of each in case in the dark you lose some”.

So Pistacchio faced the following dilemma.
There is absolutely nothing to be seen and he has a bottle with four pills, two of each color.
He must take a red and a blue. If he takes two of the same color he dies.
Pistacchio solved the problem with his usual speed and efficiency, and on his way out he dug up the treasure belonging to a certain Faria.

Could you explain how he did it?

Scroll for the answer!!!

What Pistacchio needs to do is cut the pills in half. As he splits a pill, he places one half in his mouth and the other half separates into the vial. When he has repeated this process with all four pills, he will have consumed a total of 1 red and 1 blue pill (two halves of each).

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