Pistacchio and a new mathematical challenge


Pistacchio is an admirer of Greek culture in all its expressions, from contributions to classical philosophy and Alexandrian Pan-Hellenism to the super vanilla yogurt and Jennifer Aniston’s original nose.

But nothing excites him more than imagining himself spartan and making an indiscriminate exercise of laconism.

We mentioned that 50 candidates are waiting for him to be interviewed and he tells us “I am not asking how many they are, but where they are.”

Or we say “the tower of received resume covers the sun.” And he answers us “Better. I like to work in the shade

Or we express to him “the riddles you pose in @ n5 now must have a delicate balance of solving complexity and expository simplicity” and he tells us “Can you get out of the bathroom and let me pee in peace?”

In this spirit of brevity Lacedaemon Pistacchio today raises:


Make the following equality true, adding only one mathematical symbol




The mathematical symbol to add is the! (factorial) on the right side of the equation. In this way we will say that


 230/2 + 5 = 120, since 5! is 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 120

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