Discussing humility and “low profile” in the current job

Circumstances of life, a few days ago one of the team's collaborators had to stop working with us and has started a new stage of his professional life in a new team, a new...

Challenges of the financial industry with María Irene Gavilan

Meet Maria Irene Gavilan CEO of Banco Atlas and her path to become the Chief Executive Officer of the financial institution with a strong presence in Paraguay

Avoiding ‘Infoxication’: My System

Some time ago, after a blog article, several people asked me to explain "the pocket and evernote thing". They found it interesting to know how he could digest large amounts of information and not...

How to play in the NBA or why no one is truly happy working in technology

In this article, our CEO, Julián shares with us how his curiosity and knowledge of statistics led him to create an analogy between NBA basketball and technology employees.

Medical Entrepreneurs in Venezuela

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Mobile payments: will we pay for goods with a smile?

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IDEAS, según Tom Ze y su destino

IDEAS, según Tom Ze y su destino Una idea al principio no pesa, no ocupa casi sitio en la cabeza, es un elemento pobre. Vas con ella encima a todas horas, vives con ellas, y...

Interviewing Carlos Colombo, risk director

Get to know our team! Carlos Colombo, Risk Directorat N5 shares his experiences in the company, context insight and even some advice for those starting off their careers!