We suffer more in our imagination than in reality

We save ourselves a lot of suffering when we reduce problems to their true dimension. It is a great virtue to know how to accurately define situations and frame them in a certain context, thus transforming abstract concern into a specific difficulty, reducing its emotional burden.

Hang out only with people who help you improve

We live in constant interaction with other human beings. The idea of the virtuous circle is to surround yourself with circumstances and people that give you good energy, because in this way you will also grow and transmit it to the rest.

In the business world it is essential to carry out a good selection process to form work teams with people who add value and provide feedback to each other.

The best remedy for anger is delay

It is essential for the leader to exercise good judgment in those moments where frustration and anger predominate. The first impulses of anger are very intense, and making hasty decisions can have extremely negative consequences. On the other hand, if you make her wait, the most likely thing is that that anger will calm down.

Controlling anger is not an easy process or one that is learned overnight, but if the behavior of working it in parts is exercised, you can defeat it.

Your time is more valuable than your possessions.

No matter where you look at it, a day has 24 hours and cannot be extended. Time is a finite resource and it only depends on yourself knowing how to make the most of it.

Managing time is essential to create wealth, healthy relationships, acquire new skills and knowledge… On the contrary, wasting it becomes an obstacle to achieving our goals.

Do not think death in the distant future, we die every day

It’s funny when we don’t know how to ‘kill time’. We do not realize that it is actually time that is killing us. Every “dead” minute is not only a minute that cannot be recovered, but also brings us closer to our own death.

According to Seneca, the most valuable moment we have is now, the present. It’s all we have and we shouldn’t waste it. Take advantage of it, enjoy it, live it.

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