N5 Comes Out With $20 Million To Buy Companies


On the global board of financial technology, a strategic move is announced from Mexico: N5, a firm specialized in the financial industry, revealed that this year it will invest 20 million dollars aimed at acquiring companies that complete and enrich its repertoire of solutions to meet the demand of the financial sector, in order to strengthen its bastion in Latin America and, especially in Mexico.

Julián Colombo, the company’s mastermind and CEO, argues that, despite N5’s philosophy of technological self-development, it is essential to incorporate functionalities that can only be obtained through synergy with like-minded companies.

The target companies for these acquisitions are those immersed in software development and professional services for the financial industry, preferably with annual revenues of at least $1 million.

The exponential growth of N5 is not fortuitous. In 2023, the company saw a 275 percent increase in its customer base. While N5 is already engaging in dialogues with potential candidates for its acquisitions, the company is also extending an open invitation via an online form to those looking to be part of this expansion.

Editorial: El Financiero, Mexico

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