N5 Now: awarded for the second consecutive year by Microsoft (it will start an investment round with top-level players)


The company founded by Argentines, and developer of software for Fintechs, Banks and Insurers, was distinguished by the technological giant once again for its N5 Commercial Platform, which ensures its users a growth in their productivity and an improvement in satisfaction the client’s.

The startup N5 Now was awarded internationally. Its N5 suite was recognized as “Best Platform 2022”, for being the only one designed for Openfinance (openbanking and openinsurance), and for the impact it is having on its clients.

“We are proud of this award, we received it as a reward for our work, effort and commitment to our clients and as irrefutable proof that the financial industry demanded a customized platform, based on the real needs of the sector, and with a tangible impact on its income statement”, emphasized Julián Colombo, CEO of N5 Now.

The platform chosen by Microsoft has the fastest implementation on the market –from 100 days per contract– and manages to increase productivity by more than 50% and improve NPS (customer satisfaction ) by more than 20 points, in addition to reducing distribution costs by 16%.

The fintech was recognized among 3,900 nominations from more than 126 countries, for its dizzying growth -they double their size every year-, the impact of their solution in the financial market and the exemplary use of Microsoft< technologies. /strong>.

Mariano Amartino, director of Microsoft for Startups for Latin America, expressed: “I want to congratulate N5 Now for having won this award among 800 companies in such a complicated category. It is not easy to be constantly innovating, integrating and creating new products, what they are doing is extremely valuable and how they are helping the traditional financial industry to enter a technologically different world. Today N5 Now is leading the digital transformation and the impact it is generating in the market is key”.

2021 was key for N5 Now, since, after being recognized by Microsoft as “Startup of the Year ” from Latin America, had a very significant increase in the number of clients. 

The fintech will start an investment round with top level players. “By exceeding 2 million dollars in annual recurring revenue, we feel that it is time to incorporate strategic allies that will allow us to scale a very solid and efficient model,” concluded Colombo.


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