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N5 Now, a software company for the financial industry that registers annual growth rates of 200%, has captured the attention of large investors in a recent round. With an investment interest eight times higher than expected, the company now has new strategic allies to support its development and meet the high demand in places where it does not yet have operations. Currently, N5 has a presence in 15 countries, highlighting Panama as one of the pioneer markets in its expansion. In addition, the company is projecting the opening of new offices in nine other regions, with the expectation of culminating in 2023 experiencing a 60% increase in its workforce.

The investors participating in the round are: Illuminate Financial, a venture capital firm that has Limited Partners (LPs) from some of the world’s largest financial institutions, including J.P. Morgan, Citi, Barclays, BNY Mellon, S&P Global and Jefferies; Exor Ventures, the venture investment arm of Exor N.V., a holding company controlled by the Agnelli family and shareholder of Ferrari, Stellantis, CNHI and The Economist; Madrone Capital Partners, a private equity firm associated with the Walton family, majority shareholders of Walmart; LTS Investments, the investment holding company, Telles and Sicupira; Arpex Capital, the investment holding company of entrepreneurs André Street and Eduardo Pontes; and Overboost, a venture builder and fund management company.

Explosive global expansion

For Julian Colombo, CEO of N5 Now, this move was driven by the desire to have high-level strategic partners who bring the market experience that these companies possess. “We experienced exponential growth in demand, exceeding our most optimistic forecasts. In places where we do not yet operate, the list of interested parties has grown significantly, with customers requesting our platform in advance. Therefore, we understood that it was time to incorporate great partners with the expertise that will allow us to serve these customers more quickly and continue our growth globally,” he says.

N5 Now, founded in 2017 by executives mainly from the banking sector, aims to transform the financial industry, bringing efficiency to financial institutions and preparing them for the new demands of the sector. Among its clients are renowned companies such as Mastercard, Santander, Credicorp Bank (Panama), Zurich, Sudameris, Banco Atlas, N26 and BCP.

“Managing the complex sales process of regulated financial products is a major challenge in the industry,” said Mark Beeston, Founder of Illuminate Financial. “Most existing solutions are costly, inefficient and developed in-house, connecting tailored CRM/BPM that don’t fully capture the customer journey. The N5 suite of solutions is tailor-made for the financial services industry and addresses this gap head-on. We are delighted to welcome N5 to the Illuminate Financial portfolio and support this impressive team in the next phase of their journey.”

Among the products and services offered, the N5 Now platform is the flagship product. With rapid implementation resulting in an increase in business productivity by 53%, improving NPS by more than 21 points and reducing distribution costs by 16%, it allows tangible results in 100 days. The suite is a systematic platform with native integration of all the software necessary for a financial institution, such as CRMs, BPMs, incentives and omnichannel, which allows to break down the natural barrier that prevents a bank from innovating, since it frees these institutions from the complexity of their legacy systems.

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