Big Name VCs Back Startup N5 to Revolutionize the Financial Industry


Fintech startup N5 has recently secured significant investments from high-profile investors to propel its market entry in the United States and drive global growth. This funding comes on the back of N5’s potential to save financial institutions billions of dollars annually by addressing inefficiencies resulting from fragmented technologies and processes.

According to industry estimates, U.S. financial institutions currently lose around $272 billion each year due to software entropy and the lack of integrated solutions. To tackle this problem, N5 was founded by experts from the banking sector who sought to streamline operations and improve productivity. The company has already achieved successful results with clients in other regions.

The roster of new investors includes Illuminate Financial, a venture capital firm with the backing of major financial institutions, such as JP Morgan, Citi, Barclays, BNY Mellon, and S&P Global. In addition, Exor Ventures, the venture investment arm of Exor NV, controlled by the Italian Agnelli family, and Madrone Capital Partners, associated with the Walton family, who are majority partners of Walmart, have also invested in N5. LTS Investments, the investment holding of the Lehmann, Telles, and Sicupira families, as well as ArpexCapital, the investment office of Stone founders Andre Street and Eduardo Pontes, have also expressed confidence in the company’s potential.

N5’s flagship product, the N5 Now platform, integrates various channels, processes, and systems that are typically siloed within financial institutions, including CRMs, BPMs, incentives, and Omnichannel solutions. This comprehensive integration helps institutions optimize productivity, enhance the customer experience, and achieve cost-effectiveness. The N5 Now platform is specially designed to alleviate the complexities of legacy systems, and notable improvements are typically observed within 100 days of implementation.

N5 has already established a strong global customer base, which includes Mastercard, Santander, Credicorp, Zurich Insurance, Atlas Bank, N26, and Sudameris. With the recent investment, N5 plans to translate and customize its platform to meet the specific needs of the U.S. market. Furthermore, the company aims to hire a prominent leader for its North American operations and fill 800 positions globally.

N5 CEO Julian Colombo emphasizes that while the market is dominated by major enterprise tech companies, none of them offer the full suite of services provided by N5, tailored specifically for the financial services industry. N5’s success in other parts of the world has attracted high-profile investors to drive the next phase of its growth.

With its innovative approach and integration capabilities, N5 is poised to revolutionize the financial industry by helping institutions optimize operations, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience.

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