Julián Colombo and N5: Conquering Technological Entropy in Banking with Innovation and Agility


Recently, Julián Colombo, founder and CEO of N5, participated in the podcast ¨Sala Antagonista¨. In this episode, hosted by journalist Rodrigo Oliveira, Julián reveals fascinating details about his personal and professional journey, discussing the challenges he faced and what motivated him to create N5.

N5 emerged in response to everyday but deeply frustrating problems faced by financial institutions and insurers around the world. Known as “technological entropy,” this phenomenon causes disorganization of systems simply by their existence.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about how N5 is addressing these technological challenges and simplifying the customer experience. Don’t miss this fascinating look inside the company and the mind of one of the industry’s most prominent innovators. Watch the interview right now and discover how we are innovating and moving towards the future of the financial sector.

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