Towards the Digital Revolution: Banks Say Goodbye to Traditional Data Centers in Favor of the Cloud


Discover how cloud migration is transforming the banking sector, driving innovation and reducing costs.

In the current landscape, financial institutions are intensifying their digital transformation, recognizing the undeniable benefits of cloud computing. Advantages include scalability, flexibility, reduced operating costs and access to cutting-edge technologies. Research indicates that the migration of banking processes to the cloud is accelerating, with Gartner projecting that 76% of organizations will adopt this solution by 2026.

Recently, important newspapers such as Forbes Centroamérica, Ámbito and Revista Summa published research that highlights a significant trend in Latin America: 52% of respondents believe that, in the next five years, banks will eliminate their traditional data centers in favor of the public cloud, with 28% of banks already directing their investments towards SaaS and cloud-based solutions.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Banks

Scale and Flexibility: Cloud services allow banks to quickly adjust their operations in response to market demands, ensuring greater agility in meeting customer needs.

Cost Reduction: Cloud adoption eliminates the need for large investments in physical IT infrastructure, resulting in a significant reduction in operating costs.

Technological Innovation: Migrating to the cloud allows banks to incorporate the latest technological innovations, such as artificial intelligence and big data analysis, optimizing operational efficiency and enriching the service offering.

Resilience and Business Continuity: With robust and redundant infrastructures, cloud providers guarantee the continuity of banking services, even in cases of failures or interruptions.

Collaboration and Mobility: The cloud facilitates remote access to data and applications, promoting a more flexible and collaborative work environment.

Advanced Security: Despite security concerns, cloud providers offer robust measures, such as encryption and continuous monitoring, to protect data against cyber threats.

This evolution is not only a response to market demands and regulations, but a deliberate strategy to optimize service delivery. At N5, we are attentive to changes and trends in the financial sector, offering agile solutions that facilitate the digital transformation of each organization.

With partnerships with leading cloud providers such as AWS (Amazon), Azure (Microsoft) and Google Cloud, we offer the world’s only Systematics Platform, purpose-built for the financial sector. This platform allows the migration of legacy systems to more innovative solutions, without affecting the core technology.

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