Making the invisible visible: User-centric technologies and culture


Currently, one of the biggest challenges facing banks in Latin America and the Caribbean is the lack of visibility into the status of customer complaints and their resolution. Many banks still use manual systems to handle claims, which delays problem resolution and affects customer satisfaction.

To solve this problem, it is essential that banks adopt new technologies and processes, including tools such as robotic process automation (RPA) and case tracking systems. A technology platform like N5 Now can help solve the lack of visibility into the status of claims by recording the history of all customer interactions and tracking cases in real time.

In addition to technology, it is critical that banks adopt a customer-centric view to ensure quick and effective resolution of issues that may arise. Our CRM N5 Now platform can be of great help to achieve this objective, since it implies a cultural change that must cross the bank and be supported by our tool. It is necessary to implement feedback processes and train employees in customer service to ensure customer satisfaction. In this way, the platform and the cultural change will work together to improve the customer experience.

In short, banks in Latin America and the Caribbean need to embrace new technologies and processes, along with a customer-centric culture, to effectively solve customer problems and stay competitive in an increasingly demanding market. If you are interested in learning how N5 Now can help you improve your customer satisfaction, schedule a demo with us today.

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