Interview with Maria Bellati, COO and Partner of N5 on the Podcast “Cuando el Río Suena”


About remote work and the redefinition of the work “day” with Maria Bellati in the Podcast “When the River Sounds”“Cuando el Río Suena”

Recently, Maria Bellati, COO and partner of N5, participated in the podcast “When the River Sounds”, a space where the best operators, founders and investors of the tech ecosystem in Latin America share practices and experiences acquired during their careers. On this occasion, Maria delved into the vital role that our company plays in the financial sector and the organizational culture that guides us.

One of the key points addressed was the financial industry’s caution in adopting technologies and the reasons for this hesitation. During the conversation, our COO elucidated how N5 facilitates the digital transformation of financial institutions and how our approach not only accelerates this transformation safely and efficiently, but also ensures that innovations are implemented without causing friction, solving specific problems of this sector.

Additionally, the adoption of an organizational culture was a relevant topic in the podcast. Our working model not only expands access to global talent, but also contributes to a more diversified team and creates solutions with less bias. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to developing unique and innovative products and services.

The podcast was a great opportunity for our COO to share how N5 is at the forefront of digital transformation in the financial sector, staying true to our values of diversity and innovation. We invite everyone to listen to the full episode.

Want to learn more about how our innovative approach can help your financial institution? Contact one of our experts and find out how we can facilitate your digital transformation journey.

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