The Secret Behind N5’s Success According to Forbes: Discover the Reasons Through the Eyes of Employees


Forbes’ recognition was only possible because of the dedication of those behind each area of the company.

After going through an evaluation and being recognized by Forbes as one of the ’10 promises’ of the year, we decided to go straight to the heart of N5 – our employees – to discover what makes us really shine for them. After all, they are the true protagonists of this achievement.

At N5 we firmly believe that the true differential of our company does not lie only in our products or services, but in the talents that make up our team. Therefore, nothing is more fair than to highlight the voices of those who see the promise and potential of N5 from the inside out.

In this special, we are pleased to share an inspiring collection of perspectives and reflections directly from those who are on the battlefield every day, innovating, creating and leading the way in their respective areas to together achieve success.

Come with us and discover the voices that lead our promises within N5.

Pablo Velan, CTO

“The key to the success that built our reputation and positions us as a promise of the year was already the dedication to excellence in our work, but I highlight having an experienced team with a diversity of talents where each member contributes their unique skills in all their roles. levels with great responsibility and level. The management at the company has an innovative vision that keeps us at the forefront of emerging trends and therefore we not only offer solutions that meet the current needs of our clients, but also anticipate future ones, and our culture of encouraging creativity and taking calculated risks in innovation allows our engineers to apply their knowledge to the creation of modern technological assets that have positively resonated in the market.”

Cibelle Luna, CFO

“We are dedicated and approach every challenge as an opportunity for growth. Our actions seek to guarantee liquidity and solidity to businesses, allowing adequate execution and performance.

We maintain open and reliable communication, contributing with detailed financial analyzes that guide the company’s strategies. This reflects our team’s commitment to being a true promise for N5, contributing fundamentally to its success.”

Claudia Almandoz, Business Director

“It is a team highly trained in the role to be played with high analysis capabilities, both a holistic vision to see how to integrate everything, but also with a detailed vision giving value to each part of the product, always seeking to add value with each aspect that “Additionally, we are a team that truly plays as a team, seeking mutual collaboration, transmitting knowledge, and with an excellent attitude to contribute to continuous improvement.”

Claudia Bello, CPO

“It is a team with vision and heterogeneous experience that allows us to think from necessity and innovation in future improvements, addressing the needs and priorities of current clients. We have the ambition and vision to create the best product on the financial market”

Milagros Alloati, Business Manager

I consider that our commercial team is a promise for N5 since we have been working on an ascending learning curve, improving our internal processes, adding important clients in the market and positioning our brand in different countries. At the team level, we have been adding more experience, a much deeper knowledge of our clients (their pains and needs), improving and professionalizing our work methodology, and above all, we have been forging teamwork day by day since The achievements in N5 are always the result of the efforts of many people who participate.

Martin Medina, Regional Director of Labs

“Our sales team has a lot of experience in the financial segment, it is capable of generating an excellent relationship which will allow us to carry out a consultative sale and that will help us generate a very long-term relationship with our clients.’

Nicolas Tiseira, CIO

Today the engineering area has a set of talent and specialized skills where knowledge and technological processes are combined for the industry when implementing strategic projects and building the product. In addition, it has a great capacity to adapt to a changing business environment, and to respond to new challenges that arise on a daily basis. It is also important to mention the commitment and motivation of the team that constantly pursues ambitious objectives and new goals, working collaboratively, taking advantage of individual strengths to achieve common objectives. This collaborative work is accompanied by strong leaders who manage to guide, inspire and motivate others on a daily basis, aligned with the vision and strategic objectives of the company.

In short, the team can hold promise for the company due to its unique combination of skills, innovation, commitment, adaptability, collaboration, culture, leadership and proven results. These factors are responsible for positioning the team as an invaluable asset for the success and growth of the organization.”

Marcelo Pessoa, Business Director

“Our commercial team invests time in building relationships of trust, which is essential to understand the subtleties of the financial sector and anticipate future needs, ensuring that our clients are always ahead in a highly competitive and constantly evolving market. This approach, combined with our focus on excellence and customer satisfaction, solidifies our position as indispensable partners to our customers, paving the way for continued success for both them and N5.”

Diego San Esteban, Business Director

“I firmly believe that our commercial team is a promise of success for N5 due to our consultative approach and commitment to building long-term relationships with our clients. We act as true consultants who deeply understand the specific needs and challenges of our clients. This allows us to provide customized and value-oriented solutions, which not only solve immediate problems, but also promote innovation and sustainable growth of clients’ businesses.”

Maria Bellati, COO

“Our team stands out for its unique combination of financial and technology sector experience and a continuous commitment to excellence. By adopting cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, in every corner of the company, and maintaining a culture of collaboration, agility and high quality standards, we have positioned ourselves in a unique way to satisfy and anticipate the needs of an eternally complex and challenging market: we have managed to consolidate ourselves as the great supplier that banks and insurers look for when it comes to have big problems to solve. That, together with our obsession with customer satisfaction, which translates into our standards of service, ended up making up the perfect formula”

Maria Luz Pochetino, CHRO

“Our team is a promise for N5 essentially due to its global diversity and capacity for innovation. The wealth of perspectives, cultures and knowledge that our collaborators bring allows for creative solutions and innovative business strategies, fostering a culture of inclusion and continuous learning. We invest in the professional development and well-being of collaborators, ensuring their commitment, satisfaction and retention of talents. This commitment to excellence and diversity positions us to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities at a global level, ensuring sustainable growth and market leadership in the world. the future.”

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