Learn about the 5 reasons that make N5 a unicorn promise


Revealing the secrets of the company recognized by Forbes as one of the main promises of the year

In a dynamic and challenging business scenario, N5 emerges as a true promise in the global financial universe. The company stands out not only for what it does, but for the way it has challenged convention since its inception.

In this article, we will deeply explore the reasons that make N5 not only notable but also a leader in the financial sector. From its unique position in the world by offering a Systematics Platform for the financial industry to its pioneering remote work model, we will delve into the world of this company that not only follows trends, but defines them. Discover the ‘5’ reasons why N5 is exceptionally shaping the future of the financial sector.

  1. The only Systematics Platform in the world for the financial industry

N5 has developed a revolutionary solution for the challenges faced by financial organizations, a sector that requires aggressive simplification to address the challenges of their legacy systems.

The answer lies in its revolutionary N5 Now! platform. Designed to coexist harmoniously with legacy systems, it operates as an integrated hub for customers, products, channels, employees and data. Instead of adding more software to a complex scenario, N5 Now dramatically simplifies, unifying crucial functions in one place.

The N5 Now suite addresses the primary objectives of financial institutions: increasing revenue, extending customer life, mitigating risk and reducing costs. These goals are achieved through five crucial elements: CRM (customers), SPM (employees), BPM (products and services), OCM (channels), and Datalake Alpha Now (data).

Unlike generic solutions available on the market, N5 Now stands out for being built for the complex financial universe, avoiding increasing the “technological entropy” associated with solutions not adapted to the specificity of the sector.

Replacing old software “monoliths” with “robots” specialized in specific tasks, N5 Now introduces a more flexible approach, facilitating changes without the need for extensive adjustments. Finally, the management of thousands of different softwares, each with its own logic, language and architecture, becomes possible with N5, providing innovation without compromising operational stability.

  1. Support from the world’s largest investors

In September 2023, N5 officially announced the arrival of new shareholders to the company, who joined the mission to transform the financial sector. Among the names of investors who trust N5 are Illuminate Financial, Exor Ventures, Madrone Capital Partners, LTS Investments, Arpex Capital and Overboost, all of them leaders in their respective fields.

  1. Leadership in innovation with AI

Our passion for innovation has led us to explore a wide variety of AI models, from traditional machine learning to advanced deep learning techniques and generative models to add significant value to the financial sector. This is reflected in our work with churn, prospecting and risk models, which have been catalysts for banking institutions to better understand their clients, optimizing strategies and operations.

At N5, we turn ideas into reality using AI in solutions tailored to specific needs. From 360 vision, which provides a complete understanding of the customer, to analytical and campaign models that drive decision making, we maximize the impact of marketing strategies. With each innovation, we not only seek to advance the field of AI, but also the way the financial industry operates, grows, and serves its customers.

We are committed to continuing to be leaders on this exciting journey of transformation, guiding our partner institutions to benefit from truly intelligent use of AI that significantly expands their sales and productivity.

  1. 70 of the largest banks and insurance companies are clients

N5 was founded with just $100, and no one could have foreseen the meteoric trajectory that awaited it. Driven by the immediate trust of its clients, it closed its first contract in Panama within 24 hours of existence with Banco CrediCorp, a great support for the company that made the development of the N5 Now suite possible.

As N5’s reputation spread, financial sector giants such as Mastercard, Santander, Zurich, Sudameris, Banco Atlas, N26, Farmers Insurance and BCP joined the client list. These and other companies that choose N5 solutions not only trust, but become true fans, recognizing the real impact our products have on their businesses.

N5’s highlight goes beyond commercial success; lies in the transformation of clients into spontaneous spokespersons. As they see the tangible benefits of our solutions, they become volunteer N5 brand ambassadors. This authenticity fuels our rise to market leadership in multiple regions, demonstrating that genuine customer trust is the foundation of our success.

  1. Cultural Wealth

One of the fundamental reasons for N5’s success also lies in the ability to bring together talents from different countries and different nationalities. We have a global presence and here diversity is valued and embraced, providing a wide range of perspectives, ideas and innovative solutions to everyday challenges. Additionally, having executives in various regions allows us to more deeply understand the subtleties of each market.

We seek innovation not only in our solutions, but also in our organizational culture. Recently, N5 has named some employees as partners, as a way to recognize and reward the efforts of those who have been supporting them every day to overcome challenges. The opportunity is now open for any team member to become a part owner of the company in the future. For the company, its employees are the true engine of success, which is why it is essential to recognize the people who deserve it.

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