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People are betting more and more on online operations. “Our digital banking has increased exponentially in recent years,” explains the general manager of Banco Atlas, Hernando Lesme.

“The pandemic had a great impact on the implementation of technologies that led to more digital products and services. What were innovations appreciated by customers became prevailing needs and that accelerated the entire digital transformation process, ”he says.

As an important fact of this growth, digital accounts, as of July 2022, closed with 37,183 full transactional digital customers, which shows that the bank promotes interaction with its customers in a faster and more digital way.

“Our client portfolio is very broad and we have a tailor-made offer for each segment, ranging from the agricultural and livestock sector, to industries, to the real estate, commercial, services and infrastructure sectors,” he describes.

It is also a protagonist in consumer loans, a leader in fiduciary structures and in the tourism sector through the Atlas Viajes digital platform.

“We also have a differential product offer. Not to mention that we also lead housing loans, being the number 1 bank when it comes to fulfilling the dream of owning a home”, he highlights.

Digital transactions

“The advancement of technology has definitely boosted the use of digital tools. In terms of participation, digital transactions regarding the use of channels are very equitable: 33% do so through the app, the other 33% use home banking and the difference operates in person at our 27 branches. This represents, without a doubt, growth above expectations, ”he confirms.

One of the operations that is most used today is the interbank transfer through SIPAP and SPI, which revolutionized the movement of capital between users and companies, taking into account that the possibility of operating 24 hours a day was recently enabled..

The digital transformation continues

Banco Atlas’s digital banking is becoming more complete and holistic and will continue along these lines as one of the main lines of business development, as confirmed by Hernando Lesme, general manager of the bank.

The services –both through the mobile application and from Home Banking– range from the management of digital accounts, digital cards and requests for different products to payment applications, such as the QR code and service via Whatsapp .

“Regarding the QR, we recently enabled the innovation of operating at ATMs for our customers without the need to carry physical cards or access codes, which provides greater security for these operations,” explains the general manager.

Continue to strengthen the benefits offered by digital transformation, to bring the bank closer to customers where they are and at the time they need, are the goals of the entity. “We work to optimize internal processes and implement technological developments, such as CRM, which will allow us to elevate the digital experience, concentrating all points of contact and the general user experience on a single screen. In addition to the fact that, through CRM and artificial intelligence, we can put together proposals that are increasingly tailored to the real interests and needs of our clients and, with this, achieve an increasingly efficient, safe and simple experience”, he alludes .

Expand digital servicesz

“We are permanently committed to the growth of digital services and channels with agile and secure processes for our clients. We believe that people’s use of banking services is growing and this requires special attention to meet the demands of the increasingly digitized financial market”, he opines.

As a bank that sees the digitization of banking as one of the main business pillars, they promote its development with constant investments and improvements, putting the customer and the user experience at the center. “Maintaining and optimizing the efficiency of our operating processes and developing innovations and improvements in the experience is a priority at every stage, at every adjustment we make,” he says.

Safe operations

In the banking and commercial system, payments with the application of the QR code represent an innovation that facilitates consumers, due to its ease and practicality.

“The use of the QR code in payment transactions, access to information and other utilities, is a great technological step that could be integrated in parallel with financial services, due to its agility and security”, says Hernando Lesme.

“For Banco Atlas, QR codes constitute a system that allows the client to carry out operations in an agile and secure manner”, he indicates.

“In our company, it is currently available for payments through a simple scan of the adhered merchant’s code, and also as a service to facilitate transfers between Atlas accounts so that they are processed directly through the app, making the operation of payments much simpler”, he reviews.

The bank’s general manager reports that even now this service is extended to ATMs. “It will be possible to make cash withdrawals at the ATM without resorting to cards through Atlas Mobile,” he advances.

At the service of the people

Banco Atlas is a Paraguayan entity with 32 years in the local market that works to provide an experience based on proximity, simplicity and innovation.

With a 360° vision, the bank expanded into specific products and services in various segments, such as Corporate Banking, Individuals, Agrobusiness, Insurance and others.

In recent years, it has positioned itself as one of the benchmarks in digital banking, offering various remote channels, both contact and transactional: the Atlas Mobile app, Homebanking (for individuals and companies), corporate WhatsApp, among others contact and attention options.

More details about all the benefits and services provided by the bank at, by phone and WhatsApp (595 21) 217-5000 and on its social networks.

Optimizar los ingresos económicos

In order to promote savings as a mechanism to achieve a better standard of living, in 1924 the First Savings Congress was held in Milan, Italy, where delegates from various countries met to discuss issues related to the organization and legislation of savings banks.

The sessions ended on October 31, the day on which Professor Filippo Ravizza decided to institute the Universal Savings Day.

“Savings operations through digital banking are having an interesting behavior considering that its practicality allows people to transfer their income to accounts they use for savings, either for a provident fund or for a specific purpose such as planning a a trip or a high-value purchase that needs programming,” says Hernando Lesme, general manager of Banco Atlas.

“It is known that saving represents an important administrative mechanism”, he indicates.

“On many occasions, our clients, to achieve a goal, need an action plan, a roadmap to reach the objective. For this reason, at Banco Atlas we offer a specific financial tool called Atlas Scheduled Savings. This service is contracted directly in our app, allowing the final savings to be projected, reinforcements and even cancellation in case of emergency access to funds”, he defines.

“We believe that this service is an excellent option, easy and also educational”, he values.

In economic terms, savings is the part of income that we do not use for consumption, but for other purposes. If the habit of saving is achieved, it serves to solve economic difficulties, unforeseen emergencies or to materialize a dream without the need to acquire a debt.

“Savings represent an extremely important tool for the financial sector and for customers, since it helps to plan, forecast and optimize income in order to have good financial health”, Lesme highlights as a message in the framework of the World Savings Day.

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