Now that the #PistacchioPreguntas appeared in 24 media in # Latin America, Pistacchio entered a cycle of narcissism that caused Kanye West to say “wow” to him.

He calls the members of N5 Now “my entourage” and calls any other group of people “my groupies.”

In this tsunami of megalomania, he decided that, from now on and until further notice, he WILL GIVE TWO T-SHIRTS WITH HIS ESFIGIE to those who answer his riddles on Linkedin (one for the first correct answer and one drawn among all those who have answered or reacted).

As you imagine the social and romantic success you are going to have wearing a Pistacchio Original® at European nobility events, see if you can answer this short good:


How many degrees does the angle formed by the hands of a traditional clock, when it is 3:15.


The answer is 7.5 degrees.

Many people say 0 degrees, because they think that the hour hands will be at 3 o’clock and the 15-minute hands will also be at 3. But actually the hour hand will have already advanced a quarter of the distance to 4 o’clock. Therefore, if we think that a circle has 360 degrees, each of the 12 hours will have 30 degrees. A quarter of an hour will therefore be 30/4 = 7.5 degrees

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