N5 Invests $50 Million in Development of First ‘Fin Skys’ for the Financial Industry


Launches AIfred, Pep and Singular: exclusive artificial intelligences that will redefine efficiency and global financial inclusion.

N5, a multinational technology company specializing in the financial industry, announces the launch of its “Fin Skys” (Financial Self-Contained Artificial Intelligence). It is the first generation of AIs designed exclusively for the financial sector that aims to revolutionize the market; It involved an investment of 50 million dollars and the hiring of an exclusive team of engineers.

“When we design products, we do so with the know-how of a team that understands the challenges and problems of an industry that seeks to digitize. This is the common denominator, and our Artificial Intelligences are no exception. That’s why, for us, its birth marks a new milestone in our history,” explains Julian Colombo, CEO and founder of N5.

The new tools will drive cost reductions by 94%, generate 9 times more productivity in teams, reduce risks by 25% and increase NPS (customer satisfaction) to 35 points. The company seeks to redefine the standards of operational efficiency in financial institutions and, above all, to positively impact the financial inclusion of Peruvians.

Currently, there are 1,400 million people around the world who do not have a bank account. This prevents them from accessing payments and collections, saving or applying for credit. This significant portion of the population will benefit, as Singular AI, for example, dramatically reduces costs related to customer service, empowering organizations to expand their customer base and improve retention with personalized attention.

“A bank’s costs associated with human attention and financial advice for customers are high. Therefore, from a technical point of view, banks prioritize a small part of their customers, those with greater purchasing power, guaranteeing a more substantial financial return. With our solution, these costs are drastically reduced, thus allowing any citizen to have access to banking services and products from now on,” says Colombo.

Specializing in the financial sector, N5 was founded with the goal of solving the unique challenges of this industry, comprehensively transforming financial organizations and driving innovation. With the launch of artificial intelligences, the company remains true to its purpose. Developed based on the vast industry experience of its executives, they were designed with different capabilities to ensure that all functionalities are fully taken care of.

“This launch marks a new chapter in the history of N5 and the world. We are excited to offer tools with capabilities beyond the trivial ones that we already know and that help the financial inclusion of more people,” adds the founder of the company that was chosen by Forbes Argentina magazine as 1 of the 10 promises.

The 3 new AIs in detail

AIfred, named after Batman’s butler, is a virtual assistant that performs all the tasks of an executive, with the advantage of being 100 times faster. In addition, it is capable of answering all your questions about the organization’s products, procedures, software tools, among others, always with internal information, guaranteeing accuracy and data security.

In addition to improving productivity, N5 also thought about improving the performance of professionals. Pep, whose name was inspired by Pep Guardiola, considered by many to be the best football coach today, is a mentor who assesses employee performance, learns from the best human executives and teaches others, preparing them to achieve always better results.

Singular is a combination of AIfred and Pep, transforming into a virtual executive for the end customer. Unlike a chatbot, which works reactively waiting for a customer to ask something, this AI is a specialist in selling products, collecting debts, advising on investments, tax planning, among others, proactively. Its ability to manage thousands of customers simultaneously not only increases the efficiency and capacity of customer service, but also allows a financial institution to increase its customer base, offering financial services and products that really make sense for them.

N5’s new AIs can be integrated into any core system, CRM and/or BPM of the institution, in addition to having data and information independence for maximum security, that is, it does not communicate with other AIs or with the internet, it also reduces “hallucinations” guaranteeing accuracy in its responses.

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