N5 Campaigns


What is it?

It is the N5 Now solution for the administration of the campaigns of organizations belonging to the Financial Industry.

What does it do?

It allows the planning, configuration, execution, traceability and measurement of different types of initiatives aimed at customers through various channels. It considers Commercial, Administrative, Service and Risk campaigns.

How does ir do it?

Metrics & effectiveness

It provides various ways or mechanisms to improve the performance of a campaign:

  • Success criteria
  • Marketing metrics (channel feedback)
  • A/B testing
  • Sending test by channels
  • Control group by campaigns
  • Control group by journey
  • Universal control group
  • Target simulator
  • Campaign optimization
  • Campaign Summary
  • Export of clients by campaigns

Different types of campaigns

It allows you to create different types of campaigns by life cycle stage or by type of product.

Through multiple variables, different audiences can be created:

  • Segment Creation
  • Creation of CTA’s
  • Filters by entity
  • Smart exclusions
  • Input target of other campaigns
  • File upload
  • Contact policies
  • Logical operators by entity
  • Filter grouping

Our differential

Competitive advantages and customer benefits

Accuracy in the target audience
Greater engagement and customer satisfaction, with communications that impact only customers within a specific target.

Results measurement
It allows knowing the evolution of the strategy and managing it based on the results of the communication objective or marketing metrics associated with the channels.

Centralization of campaigns
Management, monitoring and measurement of communications, all in one place. Integration of multiple channel providers, event capture and visualization of the detail of communications.

Customer cycles
Allows you to manage and value the customer’s life cycle from their first interaction as a prospect

Turnkey product


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