N5 Goals


What is it?

N5 Goals is a powerful business tool that helps you create an action plan perfectly tailored to your annual budget and your sales team, with the aim of achieving success in your business goals. Maximize your sales potential with Goals!

What does it do?

Helps design a business planning solution that integrates and structures the critical dimensions of work necessary to achieve business success.

These 5 dimensions are

1. Objetives

  • Definition of objectives and goals What do I need to meet my budget?

2. Participants

  • Distribution and assignment of objectives and goals
  • Who will you assign these goals to?
  • 3. Results
  • Business rules
  • As I go?
  • 4. Ranking
  • Deviations
  • How are the results?
  • 5. Incentivos
  • Awards
  • How to encourage to meet the objectives?

How does it do it?

Goals and Incentives management

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Goals and Incentives management

My results

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