Microsoft Awards Us For The Second Consecutive Year As The Best Platform


At N5 we are proud to announce that we were awarded once again by Microsoft as “Best Platform 22” for being the only ones whose platform is designed for Open Finance. The tribute will take place at the Microsoft Inspire event between July 19 and 20.

Recognized As The Best Finance Platform

N5’s banking industry data management platform has already been recognized among 3,900 nominations from over 126 countries for its breakneck growth, the impact of its solution on the financial marketplace, and exemplary use of Microsoft technologies.

In addition, it is the only one of its kind that is 100% prepared to operate in an Open Finance context, a trend that only grows year after year.

“I want to congratulate N5 Now for winning this award out of 800 companies in such a difficult category. It is not easy to be constantly innovating, integrating and creating new products”, commented Mariano Amartino, director of Microsoft for Startups for Latin America “Today N5 Now is leading the digital transformation and the impact it is generating in the market is key” he adds.

What Makes N5’s CRM Platform Special?

There are currently a large number of CRMs that are used on a regular basis in the banking industry. However, most of these were designed with the needs of conventional businesses in mind — instead, banks have priorities that require a specialized system.

In the banking industry, transactions often do not follow the typical buying and selling patterns, but instead have different edges. Many times it is not only about increasing sales, but also about reducing the risks of giving credit. It is not enough to count transactions, but it is necessary to measure the profitability of money over time.

When banks use comprehensive CRMs, they discover that they are not prepared to account for all the complexities involved in managing the data of a financial institution.

This is where the N5 platform comes in: software created specifically for the financial industry, with its own incentive system, greater stability, intuitive usability, and prepared for different regulations worldwide.

Why Banks Choose N5?

Over the years, the N5 platform has positioned itself as one of the preferred platforms for data management in the banking industry.

Microsoft’s chosen platform has the fastest deployment on the market—from 100 days per contract. It is proven that it manages to increase productivity by more than 50% and improve NPS (customer satisfaction) by more than 20 points, in addition to reducing distribution costs by 16%.

In addition to this, the high flexibility of its design allows banks to adapt to various situations and execute structural changes to face new challenges — all from an intuitive drag & drop interface that can be managed without the need to be a system expert. . This and other benefits are why the software boasts a 99% customer satisfaction rate.

“We are proud of this award, we received it as a reward for our work, effort and commitment to our clients and as irrefutable proof that the financial industry demanded a customized platform, based on the real needs of the sector, and with an impact tangible in its income statement”, commented Julián Colombo, CEO of N5 Now.

What is Microsoft Inspire?

Microsoft Inspire (formerly known as the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference) is a conference held annually by Microsoft Corporation for its partner community. It is at this event that N5 will be officially honored for its innovative CRM platform.

At Microsoft Inspire, guests learn about Microsoft’s plans for the coming year, network within the industry, share various “best practices,” discover the latest product innovations, and learn new technical skills.

The event has been held since 2003 as a festival dedicated to innovation and transformation through the latest technological advances. There are also keynotes from Microsoft executives, featured speakers, business-specific offerings, and hundreds of sessions.

Editorial: Marcelo Frette

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