This platform awarded by Microsoft seeks to incorporate more than 100 talents in the country: requirements

This is N5, a platform that will spend more than US$20 million to acquire Argentine firms. What is the search for professionals that you opened about? N5, a firm specialized in the financial industry, in...

The “Dirty Business” of Implementing AI in a Company: Why It’s Necessary to Not Fail

With the rise of emerging technologies and the anxiety to experiment with intelligent models, many companies are omitting key processes for their effective implementation. We live in a time when data seems to rule the world....

The Secret Behind N5’s Success According to Forbes: Discover the Reasons Through the Eyes of Employees

Discover the secret behind the success of N5, recognized by Forbes among the '10 promises' of the year, through the unique perspectives of our employees. Explore how our team's dedication, talent and innovation differentiate us in the market.

He left behind 20 years in banking to found his own company and expects to have a turnover of US$ 56 million in 2024

Discover how the journey of transformation and innovation of N5, a multinational technology company for the financial sector, led the company to be remade by Forbes as a promising company, which will become a unicorn in two years.

What is technological entropy and how does it impact users?

Discover what "Technological Entropy" is and how it impacts the digital transformation of large financial institutions around the world.

Financial Institutions Will Explode with Generative Artificial Intelligence

This tool provides operational efficiency and improves the customer experience and will drive disruptive innovation, said Martín Naranjo. "Technology generates a process of disintermediation in the financial system and today, although it sounds cliché, generative...

N5 Comes Out With $20 Million To Buy Companies

On the global board of financial technology, a strategic move is announced from Mexico: N5, a firm specialized in the financial industry, revealed that this year it will invest 20 million dollars aimed at...

N5: “Our intention is to be absolute leaders in three years”

Julián Colombo, CEO of the financial software company N5, previews the company's growth plan in Peru. This includes investing US$20 million in the acquisition of local startups to accelerate software development time. Foto: N5 How much revenue did N5 generate in 2023, among the more...

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