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In InfoNegocios once a month we have lunch in Buenos Aires with relevant entrepreneurs, with the aim of knowing first-hand what is happening in the business world in Argentina. This time we enjoyed lunch at the Negresco Bistro restaurant of the Palladio by MGallery Hotel in Buenos Aires. For this edition we share some phrases left by Diego San Esteban, Director of Business Development of N5 Now, in his time at Te Invito a Comer in CABA

What is the business of N5 Now and what is the present of the company?

N5 Now is a solutions and services company especially dedicated to the financial industry. We work for banks, insurers, fintech and insurtech. We operate in 15 countries and are focused on the development of the Latin American market. 

We do a lot of PR and that generates us inbound. We also have a very strong commercial development area that we focus on by regions and do the famous hunting. It generates a very good result since we have a growth of 500% and the number of customers from one year to the next we multiply it by 9; we are doing very well.

What changes did you have in the pandemic with customers?

Customers began to focus on digital attention. We believe that human attention will not disappear from the industry but will be digitized, we seek to digitize the human. There we find a lot of field of development. It also changed us because we moved to virtuality, to the home office and today 70% of our staff works remotely.

Where do you see the company in the coming years?

We are very focused on the development of the region. Once that happens we target the North American market and then the European market. First to the United States for management capacity and growth. Right now we are looking for an investment wheel to cover both markets simultaneously.

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