API Management: Functional solutions for digital products


We provide solutions to companies seeking exposure, protection and management of their backend applications, network systems or infrastructures



Our industry leading solutions offer unmatched flexibility, performance and security. Building on its industry-leading SOA application gateway technology for exposing, protecting, and managing backend applications, network systems, or infrastructures through an API, we add critical mobile, cloud, and REST composition capabilities. With this additional functionality, we represent the best solution available for companies looking to open data and services to partners, developers, mobile apps, cloud services and smart devices.


API Gateway functionalities include:

  • Integrated XML, mobile and web firewal
  • Backend SOA connectivity for databases, applications, mainframes and middleware
  • Transformation of protocols from legacy to REST and JSON
  • Advanced identities and access capabilities in SAML, OAuth and XACML
  • Military-level security certifications
  • Custom API composition and virtualization capabilities
  • Social, mobile and cloud connectivity for easy deployment of external services
  • SDK and API availability for easy extensibility
  • Integrated clustering and availability capabilities
  • Unmatched SLA and mobile optimization functionality

Our solutions provide the following functionalities:

  • API Proxy – Provides core functionality for API security and instrumentation
  • XML Firewall – Connects securely and easily to SaaS applications and other cloud services
  • SOA Gateway – Provides full functionality for enterprise-level SOA control and API management

Author: Diego San Esteban

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